Afrikasi Kenya Kindergarten which is one of the show case projects of Afrikasi Kenya C.B.O was founded in 2016 to cater mainly for the needy and disadvantaged children from the Deep Sea slums but outside the slum environment so that they can be exposed to the other side of life and slowly erase the ‘slum’ mentality.

Currently the Kindergarten has a total of 70 children, 90% of whom come from the Deepsea Slums. The rest are from the lower Kabete and the neighboring environs.

The Kindergarten provides a unique, serene, peaceful and clean environment for the children, a well balanced diet feeding program which includes tea break and lunch, neat classrooms, sporting and co-curricular activities and very competent Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) qualified teachers.

It also provides very subsidized fees because it mainly caters for children from disadvantaged and needy families.


  1. Fees for the children. Even if they are highly subsidized, parents still have a challenge. Currently they pay KES 3,000/- per term.
  2. Improve on the feeding program. This includes buying of food commodities, gas cooker as well as gas. The children come when they are hungry and they need to be supported in that area. The cost of feeding one children is approximately KES 110 per day which comes to KES 2,200/- per month.
  3. A school van to transport the children from the slum to the school. The parents came together and mobilized a van for hire which they pay for KES 1,500/- per month but again they don’t have enough funds to fully pay for the transport costs. Several other parents would also like to send their children to our school but transport costs hinder them. There is need for a school van which will reduce the parents’ costs to only paying for fuel. The van will also go a long way in easing educational trips and co-curricular activities. It does not have to be a brand new one.
  4. Salaries for 6 teaching staff and 3 Subordinate staff. The Kindergarten recently had to reduce on the number of teachers because of funding constraints. However, we need to recruit a care giver for the play group class and assistant teachers to reduce the teacher to pupil ratio to meet the new curriculum regulations. Teachers’ salaries are on average KES 30,000/- per month and KES 15,000/- per month for the Subordinate staff. Total salaries amount to KES 225,000/- per month.
  5. Rent payment for the premises housing the school. Currently the rent is KES 75,000/- per month
  6. Expansion of Kindergarten space; this includes finding a bigger space altogether or constructing a tent or feeding shed outside so that children can have their lunch there and transferring the space where they are having their lunch into a learning area and also finishing the construction of the unfinished rooms outside.
  7. The Kindergarten also caters for special children. They need specialized personnel to take care of them and special learning materials
  8. Television and DVD player
  9. Learning / teaching materials and equipment
  10. Outdoor playing equipment for example swings, slides, merry-go-round, trampoline, sand pit etc
  11. Toys and building blocks, legos, puzzles  etc
  12. Uniforms and P.E kits
  13. Office equipment e.g. computers, printers, photocopier, office tables and chairs
  14. Internet connectivity


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