Covid 19 and the residents of DeepSea slums

Covid 19 and the Residents of Deep Sea Slum, Nairobi Kenya.
The year 2020 unarguably was one full of challenges caused by the outbreak of the Covid 19 , an illness caused by the novel Corona Virus.

The Government was forced to enforce a lockdown, cessation between counties, as well as a 7 pm curfew to curb the spread of the epidemic.

It turned the lives of all Kenyans upside down. Some have lost their lives, some got infected with the virus, schools were closed, businesses collapsed, jobs were lost, families were separated, Kenyans got stranded abroad, those with plans to travel overseas were disrupted and so many other changes that were brought about.

Now whereas most Kenyans have been able to survive and adopt accordingly the situation, in the Deep Sea slum has been really dire...

Most of the residents of this slum are casual workers who work as domestic workers, maids and gate men in the surrounding posh neighborhood. But because of the outbreak of covid 19 most of them lost their jobs and hence their source of livelihood.

Most of them have no food to feed their children with, domestic violence has been on the increase as well as all sorts of petty crimes as people will do whatever possible to survive. Children are especially vulnerable during this period as child molestation is also on the increase.

As the Country is slowly opening up, their is a need to come to the rescue of these group of people so that they can cope with the prevailing situation.

They need food, face masks, water tanks and washing points, clean water and soap, sanitizers so that they don't get infected and spread this new infection affecting the world over. Young adolescent girls also need sanitary towels.

Afrikasi Kenya CBO has the capacity to mobilize and help with distribution of the above supplies which will greatly help during this transition.

Afrikasi Kenya CBO has also identified some families that are in dire need of help otherwise they will not be able to survive these trying times. This group includes families with Special Needs children.

For further details and assistance kindly call or email using the addresses below:
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